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Explore luxury accommodation in Tintern and great places to stay, this pretty village in Wales’ Wye Valley, is a significant tourist hub, celebrated for its historical landmarks and natural beauty. The village’s primary attraction, Tintern Abbey, is a Cistercian establishment dating back to 1131. Despite its current state of ruin, the Abbey continues to draw approximately 70,000 visitors each year, managed under the stewardship of Cadw.

Adjacent to the Abbey, on a western hill, lie the remnants of St. Mary’s Church. This medieval structure underwent extensive reconstruction in the 19th century, only to be devastated by a fire in 1977.

The village also hosts an inoperative water mill in the Abbey Mill area, a distinguished vineyard, and The Moon and Sixpence, a former public house now repurposed into private residences.

Tintern’s historical railway station, once part of the Wye Valley Railway, now functions as a visitor center. The village is also a gateway to an expansive network of local footpaths, including the Wye Valley Walk and the Offa’s Dyke path.

In essence, Tintern offers a rich blend of historical intrigue, scenic landscapes, and cultural experiences, making it an essential stop for travelers exploring Wales.

There is a wide variety of activities and 4 and 5 star accommodation in Tintern to suit different preferences, whether it be a peaceful retreat or an outdoor adventure. The historic village and its surrounding countryside provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable holiday experience.

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