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Set on the stunning Pembrokeshire coast, Fishguard is a charming harbour town that serves as an ideal gateway to explore the wonders of West Wales. Enhance your adventure with a stay in one of Fishguard’s welcoming hotels, where comfort meets the captivating Welsh coastal life.

Each hotel holds a unique character. Be it a historic inn echoing the town’s seafaring past, a boutique hotel overlooking the shimmering harbour, or a modern establishment nestled on the rugged coastline, you’ll discover a place that resonates with your taste. Imagine retiring to a cosy room after a day’s exploration, enjoying meals crafted from locally-sourced ingredients, and waking to the sound of the waves lapping against the shore.

The allure of Fishguard extends beyond your hotel. The town itself is teeming with quaint shops, inviting eateries, and historic sites such as the Fishguard Fort and the unique 100-foot long Fishguard Tapestry.

Venture to the Lower Town, a picturesque harbour that’s a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll. If adventure calls, embrace the sea with a kayaking trip, unveiling the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park’s stunning cliffs and coves.

The coastal path surrounding Fishguard provides magnificent sea views, secluded beaches, and a rich array of wildlife. And don’t miss the chance to savour local culinary delights, from fresh seafood to traditional Welsh cawl.

Choosing 4 or 5 star luxury hotels in Fishguard is about immersing yourself in the rhythm of coastal life, surrounded by natural beauty and rich history. So, when will your Fishguard story begin? Your chosen hotel is ready to welcome you.

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