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View our luxury holiday cottages in Beddgelert and plan an escape to this pretty village, Beddgelert offers some beautiful holiday properties in an area that stands as a testament to nature’s beauty and captivating Welsh folklore. Imagine walking alongside the Glaslyn River or paying a visit to Gelert’s grave, a tribute to the renowned loyal dog from Welsh legend. The river’s serene melodies and the tales of yore add depth to this village’s appeal.

Dive into Beddgelert’s past at the Sygun Copper Mine or traverse the captivating trails of the Gwydir Forest Park. These sites underscore Wales’ vast heritage and its awe-inspiring landscapes.

Self-catering in your Beddgelert cottage offer the possibility for a unique culinary journey. Experience eating out and trying traditional Welsh dishes at established local pubs, procure fresh ingredients from community markets, or craft a meal in your cottage’s kitchen.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Beddgelert is a haven. Challenge yourself against the towering heights of Snowdonia or ride through the exhilarating paths of the Lon Gwyrfai. The village’s diverse terrains and activities guarantee an elevated heart rate for adventure enthusiasts.

Beddgelert encapsulates a harmonious mix of comfort, rustic charm, and the freedom to customize your holiday. Whether you’re planning a bustling family excursion or a tranquil retreat, Beddgelert awaits your discovery.

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