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The Best Places to Stay UK

Welcome to Plush Guide, the gateway to the best places to stay in the UK. Rooted in the majestic landscapes of Wales, we have now extended our wings, curating an elite collection of premium holiday accommodation. Every property you encounter here is highly rated, each has been meticulously vetted by our team to ensure it meets the highest standards of luxury and elegance.

From the poetic vistas of Anglesey and the Brecon Beacons to the vibrant energy of Snowdonia and Ceredigion, our selections from Wales continue to charm. As we embrace the entirety of the UK, let the allure of the Scottish Highlands, the pastoral beauty of the English countryside, and the enchanting coasts of Northern Ireland captivate you.

Discover with us:

Cottages of Distinction: Savour the luxury of self-catering cottages, be it a rustic retreat in the Welsh valleys or a modern apartment in a bustling UK metropolis.

Opulent Residences: Step into a world of sophistication with our premium hotels, romantic inns, grand farmhouses, and seafront B&Bs.

Nature’s Luxe: Indulge in the embrace of nature without compromise. Our top-tier accommodations offer idyllic settings, from coastal paradises to tranquil rural sanctuaries.

Diverse and Unique Stays: Experience the exceptional with stays ranging from luxury lodges set against dramatic landscapes to amenity-rich holiday parks.

Direct Booking – We champion direct bookings of luxury holiday accommodation. Bypassing commission fees – this is not possible with all our properties (those run by agencies etc.) but we try our best to enable that you to book direct with our listed properties, offering commission free – often saving you 22% in fees that the larger directories would take off you. This ethos sets us apart from the majority of accommodation directories.

Plush Guide is your passport to high-end experiences across the UK. With exclusive last-minute deals and special offers only accessible through us, every journey you plan is designed to be a symphony of luxury and authenticity.

Engage with the wonders of Wales, the picturesque expanses of England, the rugged charisma of Scotland. Choose the best rated places to stay in the UK, handpicked and rigorously vetted, make it to our list.

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